About Me


I don't know about you but for me knowing the person behind a blog is interesting on a number of different levels.

First of all it gives you an idea of the person and their reason for creating the website. There are as many reasons as there are people. They are varied and personal. I mean why else would somebody go and create a site and share random musings if it didn't fulfill them on that basic level. The one that gives you satisfaction for achieving something.

For me that moment came when I realized that I had plenty to say and platforms like facebook weren't the right fit. There was a desire there to have control over what I wrote instead of just adding it into the quagmire of other musings that in the end all become irrelevant in the end. This meant that I needed to strike out on my own, come what may.

Since I like motivations I also like the thoughts that go into them. And he idea for Revolutionary Girl came like most good ideas right before I went to bed. I had been reading a book on the Mexican Revolution and it popped into my head. To say that for me, the idea of starting a website was revolutionary. Sure plenty of people have their own sites, but it felt daunting, my technical skills being what they are (non-existent). Thankfully for me, my daughter's boyfriend is a wonderful young man who also happens to know how to use a computer. Between him and my husband's mechanical skills I am in good hands!

From the beginning I knew that there would be some set backs. What I didn't realize is that I would enjoy it as much as I did. The entire process as been a major learning experience for me which has exposed me to technology in a completely new manner.

When I first joined facebook all those years ago my daughter was just starting junior high and I was in the process of transitioning to a new job. When she suggested that we make accounts I didn't even have a smartphone, though I am still not entirely certain that my phone is smart, so it was only through the laptops that I looked in and kept up with family.

Now that is all different I am always informed of the latest news and I can see photos of all the new babies in the family with a swipe. Even though things have progressed at a staggering speed, for me, there was some stagnation. At first I could keep up with it, but as the websites changed and some would say improved I fell behind. Now I feel confident that things are in proving on the technical side of things.

Only time will tell!