It’s Possible! How I Learned Riding A Bike Can Be Comfortable

I hate riding bikes. When I remember back to my youth I can't recall this being true but for most of my family like it has been. If you're like me then you like to swim and jog but you hate your bike: it hurts to ride, for me it is the buttocks, calves, and perineum!

More ladies that I now quit after a few miles of cycling. Why wouldn't you? Your hips are wider. Your hamstrings, the two bony tips on either side of the pelvis are more spaced than a man's are and of course, standard racing saddles are designed for men and the width of seats posterior flare corresponds to the male anatomy! So husband might complain, but rarely, and when you tell him it hurts when you ride he doesn't understand you!

Next time this comes up you can explain it to him.

Another reason these gentlemen are comfortably seated is because of their bone structure. While you and I, our thighs fall on either side of the bike seat and your perineum comes crashing into it! Worse still, male genitalia has some mobility, yours are desperately stuck between the saddle and your pubic bone!

I hated to ride though the sensation was fun it was a challenge motivating me to actually get on my bike and ride.

Then I changed my seat.

And that made all of the difference in the world.

My moral, ladies, choose a good bike seat! And that doesn't mean attach a saddle on it or the equivalent! That's not what you need. Rally big bike seats are too imposing, they face backwards forcing you to drag yourself forward which can make your worries worse. Another problem with the really big options are that they are too wide which it interferes with pedaling.

The man that sold me the seat also told me to avoid added cushioning, that is padding that would accentuate compression. Opt for a women-friendly option. You can identify them through the slightly wider area for your posterior and a support for your hamstrings. They also have a notch in its central part. This distributes your weight, which should rest firmly on your bones and your perineum is no longer crushed. There is often an obviously posterior hollow, next to the tailbone. The latter reduces the pain and pressure on your spine, which is sometimes sensitive after childbirth. Be sure install the seat horizontally and never place it the raised forward position. With a few small changes you can actually make riding a bike a fun experience.

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